Monday, December 4, 2006

The Timeline. Is it happening tonight????

Here's an updated timeline. I've tried to make this as simple as I can. Notice how much the same exact planes are involved. The same flight tail numbers popping up and meeting in cities. I don't know....I think it's all starting to add up people!

Monday – 27th

1) N137WR – Kansas City----Tucson----Austin

2) N323P – Tuscaloosa----Austin

Both planes in Austin overnight.

Tuesday – 28th

1) N137WR – Austin----Norman----Kansas City

2) N323P – Austin----Tuscaloosa

3) JCM44 – Washington D.C.----Tuscaloosa----Teterboro (stays until Dec. 2)

4) N46E – Dallas----Tuscaloosa----Teterboro

Wednesday – 29th

1) N137WR – Kansas City----Teterboro----Kansas City

2) N46E – Teterboro----Tuscaloosa----Dallas

3) N200HD – Tuscaloosa----Teterboro (stays until Dec. 2)

Thursday – 30th

1) N321GG – Scheduled from Columbia to Teterboro, “result unknown”, never made it this day

2) JCM44 – Still in Teterboro (from Tuscaloosa)

3) N200HD – Still in Teterboro (from Tuscaloosa)

Friday – 1st

1) N803SC – Columbia-----Teterboro

2) JCM44 – Still in Teterboro (from Tuscaloosa)

3) N200HD – Still in Teterboro (from Tuscaloosa)

Saturday – 2nd

1) JCM44 – Teterboro----Tuscaloosa

2) N200HD – Teterboro----Tuscaloosa

Sunday –3rd

1) N803SC – Teterboro----Atlanta----Columbia

2) N560RM – Norman----Teterboro----Norman (59 minutes in Teterboro)

3) N321GG – Columbia----Teterboro

4) EJA967 – Seattle----Las Vegas

Monday – 4th

1) N560RM – Norman----Las Vegas----Norman

2) EJA967 – Las Vegas---Tuscaloosa----Atlanta----New York City (aka Teterboro)


JC said...

Do we have any information on where Stoops would have been on any of these days? Practice? Maybe a press conference? If he has been missing for last week a bet someone might have started looking for him. Is it possible that he conducted all of this without ever leaving Norman? Don't we have a big name consultant working for us anyway? Why would we be flying all around the nation rather than just have the guy pick up the phone?

Cool Hand Mike said...

J Edgar Hoover of Alabama Football

...minus the whole cross dressing thing.

John Howard said...

Exactly. Chuck Neinas is working for Alabama. He's worked for a lot of schools when they need to make a hire. He worked for A&M when they got Fran. There's an article about him posted on

I'm sure that Bob Stoops conducted practice, team meetings, the Big XII game...acted as normal as always. However, all it takes is his personal cell phone. Lawyers and consultants doing the work, then all he has to do is show up (tonight in NYC with Mal) and sign the papers.

He could have been doing everything over his cell phone...negotiations, name it.

I'm not saying ANY of this has happened. I'm saying just saying the way planes have been traveling it looks VERY much like it is.

JC said...

If it only takes a cell phone then why fly? Can't doncuments be faxed. If he isn't a part of the negotiations then why would his lawyers and consultants feel the need to fly around - everywhere.

Cool Hand Mike said...

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck?

I hope it's true. However, with all the dumbass decision that have come out of T-town over the years, I doubt they could pull this off.

JC said...

I would love nothing more than for this to be true and I'm not trying to be an ahole. I'm only attempting to temper my expectations and apply a filter to some of the information out there. This whole deal has really taken alot out of me.

John Howard said...

The reason for the plane activity, there are many more things involved than just hiring a coach. Buyouts, contracts between both of the universities. There would be lawyers involved that would definately want to meet face-to-face and iron out the details. Plus, the inital plane going to Tucson is interesting. Maybe Bob really trusts his brother Mike, and Mike was doing the inital work needed when a face-to-face was necessary. Like when the plane went from Tucson to Austin, stay there an entire night while Bryant Jr's plane was there, then went from Austin to Norman.

Cool Hand Mike said...

If this comes to be, I'll change my(and a whole hell of a lot of other people's) entire veiw of Mal Moore.

John and Laurie said...

There was a plane in tboro this past weekend from Memphis(sexton?), Huntsville, Montgomery, AL,and B'ham AL. Can this really be true?

Jon said...

Sooner here.... I hope to God Stoops stays, but there is another consideration: OU Offensive Coord. Kevin Wilson. Wilson has done a lot and may be looking to move upwards. Bama seems like the perfect place.

kcuf aubie said...

Anything new?