Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Is he ready to leave Norman?!?

Here's an interesting little piece that deals with Bob Stoops. It says...

"Sources tell us that Stoops now thinks he will not get the Arizona Cardinals job since it looks like that gig will eventually go to USC coach Pete Carroll. That fact, coupled with what appears looming NCAA sanctions against the Oklahoma program incident to Cargate -- and the fact that Mrs Stoops is getting tired of having tumbleweed and steers running across her lawn in Norman -- have led to Stoops having interest in the Hurricanes' head job."

I have no clue if it's credible...but it looks like there may be rumblings of discontent folks.

Thanks to "nickiel1" from the TideSports.com forum for the link!



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Anonymous said...

I am a graduate of OU, class of 95. I also live in Birmingham. Steers? Tumbleweed? Norman Oklahoma is almost EXACTLY like Tuscaloosa as far as topography, lush green trees, major interstate running through it, and of course, is a college town 35 miles south of OKC. You are thinking of west Texas because Oklahoma is gorgeous green and rolling hills with more flat land.

Alabama has had 4 coaches reject them (add Norm Chow).

There is NO why the Tide will get Bob Stoops. Not enough money or desire. Way too much oversight and hands-on from AD and Prez for a head coach of Stoops' caliber.

OU is building a solid program and Stoops does not tolerate dishonesty. The 2 players in "cargate" were dismissed immediatley, regardless of the team implications. Who needs them? Furthermore, the NCAA has cleared OU and Bob Stoops and focused on the players themselves. Case is now closed.

Move on.