Monday, December 4, 2006

New Update…another Columbia/Teterboro connection.

Alright. it looks like the plane N321GG has an interesting history.

On November 30, the plane left Columbia, SC at 4:59 PM. However, the arrival is listed as “result unknown.” Looks like the plane may have had a problem and had to return to Columbia, but it’s destination was Teterboro, NJ. Remember…at that same time there were two planes from Tuscaloosa at Teterboro.

The next day, N308SC left Columbia and went to Teterboro…maybe whoever was on N321GG got on this plane while the other one was being serviced. I am not saying that is what happened; I’m just saying it’s possible.

Well…guess what…yesterday, December 3, the first plane, N321GG, left Columbia at 12:32 PM. It’s destination you ask?? Teterboro, NJ! This plane has not left Teterboro yet. It seems like a lot of strange connections to me.

So…could it be possible that Spurrier Jr. is now at the NFF Award Ceremony with Mal Moore and Bob Stoops???

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