Tuesday, December 5, 2006

EJA967 - Back to Teterboro!

Last night this plane was schedule to fly to Teterboro. However, something happened and it didn't make it. Today, however, it is back on schedule! At 11:00 AM EST it is schedule to leave Atlanta and fly to Teterboro airport.

Remember this planes interesting history....Seattle --- Las Vegas (left here moments after a plane from Norman landed in Vegas) ---- Tuscaloosa ---- Atlanta (a plane with the flight path Columbia/Teterboro/Atlanta/Columbia was there the day before) ---- Teterboro!

The flight that left Atlanta for Teterboro last night, EJA627, is now schedule to Vermont...so it looks like that one is unrelated to all the activity between Norman, Tuscaloosa, Columbia, and Teterboro.

So...going to keep an eye out on this plane's (EJA967) activity.



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