Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Morning Update....

N321GG …. Headed back to Columbia after 3 days at Teterboro, it is in the air right now.

Columbia ---- Teterboro


EJA967 … This flight was scheduled to leave Miami this morning at 10:36 AM and head to Palm Beach, then Atlanta. However…it has not left yet, it is 40 minutes late right now.

Scheduled ........ Miami ---- Palm Beach ---- Atlanta


Are these two connected……

EJM7 … This flight sat in Teterboro for 5 days, it was not used during that time.

This morning…it left Teterboro airport and arrived in Miami. It was supposed to arrive at 10:08…however; it didn’t get to Miami until 10:36! This is the same exact time EJA967 was supposed to leave.

Right now, it’s scheduled to return to Teterboro at 11 AM, which was 21 minutes ago. However, it has not left Miami yet.

Could it be that there were some very important people leaving NYC this morning after the banquet last night? Where they going to Miami to join the other passengers on EJA967? Is that why EJA967 is late???

Teterboro ----- Maimi ----- Teterboro


EJA919 … On December 1 this plane arrived in Wichita; it stayed there for 3 days without moving.

Yesterday, it left Wichita for Augusta, GA…home of Augusta National…where a certain Ol’ Ball Coach is rumored to play golf. From Augusta it flew to NYC…eventually landing at Teterboro airport! This morning at 8:11…it flew to Miami. It is scheduled to leave Miami at 11:18 for Palm Beach! From there it is scheduled to go back to NYC area.

Wichita ----- Augusta ----- Teterboro ----- Miami ---- Palm Beach ---- NYC area


Remember…EJA stands for “Net Jets,” which is basically a company that “rents” aircraft. Seems like a good way for coaches and ADs to fly around without having to use a university’s aircraft.

So…what’s in Palm Beach? Are these flights connected? I don’t know. If they are connected…maybe there’s a good restaurant in Palm Beach and they don’t feel like driving there to get lunch, haha.

As always…”Hire Bob Stoops” will keep a watch out.



Cool Hand Mike said...

You should set up the "Mission Impossible" theme when we come to your site.

As for Coach Stoops, it's a longshot but I've put money on longer.

BamaBird said...

LMAO!! Ok Ive been off since last night. Im totally lost now!