Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Could it be??????

Alright folks...this is just a theory. However...if it comes true...wow!

If you just now discovered this page, or need a memory refreshing...see the entry "Simplified Version of Today's Events" to better understand.

Plane C.........

Earlier today, it was scheduled to leave Teterboro at 1 PM. Remember...this aircract met Plane B in Vegas from Norman, Plane B went from Vegas to T-Town. Let's assume someone from Norman got off of C and got on B, then took that plane to T-Town ---- Atlanta ---- NYC.

Plane B........

This plane landed at Teterboro today at....that's right...exactly 1 PM. It is now scheduled to go to Miami this afternoon.

Plane C is in the air right now...but...it left NYC 37 minutes late. At 1:37, it left for Norman.

What if.......

Someone from Norman got off of Plane C and on Plane B in Vegas. They were going back to Norman today, but had to wait for Place B to arrive in NYC. That's why Plane C was 37 minutes late from it's scheduled departure for Norman.

Then...Plane B heads to Miami. Remember, this Plane went Seattle ---- Vegas ---- Tuscaloosa ---- Atlanta ---- NYC ---- and now, Miami.

What if there are some very important people on Plane B right now! What if representatives from Tuscaloosa are on the plane with Stoops and Spurrier Jr., and they are now on their way to pick up our new DC...Randy Shannon. What a team that would be!!

I tell you what...I don't know if it's true, but that would be awesome if it is.



Thanks to BamaBird on the tip about Shannon!


BamaBird said...

LMAO! You're welcome.

I was thinking about Shannon for a while. At the time I was putting him with Rodriguez though. Man, I hope this turns out in our favor.

BamaBird said...

Man if that plane schedules a flight from Miami to Tuscaloosa I may jump through my roof.

BamaBird said...

2 days ago

Plane A

Columbia Teterboro Atlanta Columbia ......

Lets say Visor Jr. was left in Teteboro


Plane B

Seattle Vegas Tuscaloosa Atlanta

Plane C

Norman Vegas(same time as Plane B) Norman

Say we picked up Stoops in Vegas and he and the UA reps are in Atl last night.

Today this morning

Plane B

Atlanta Teterboro

Plane C

Norman Teterboro

Hmmmm that would put the UA reps, Spurrier Jr, Stoops and his wife(?) out of Norman in Teterboro. Wild I know. LoL!

This Afternoon

Plane B

Teterboro - Miami leaving at 3:12 ET and arriving at 5:29 ET

Plane C

Teterboro - Norman

Plane C I'll assume is just flying back. Plane B hmmmmmm....maybe we're scooping up Randy Shannon (DC Miami)?

If Plane B schedules a flight from Miami for Tuscaloosa..

Cool Hand Mike said...

When's Bill Walsh going too be contacted for QB coach?

sandmc said...

Why is plane B still on the ground in Teterboro? Was it not scheduled to depart 45 minutes ago?

BamaBuck said...

Mr. John Howard! This is too exciting. I still have my reservations but this would be awesome...

Would appreciate advertising my blog.


BamaBird said...

Hey happened to plane B? What is this, "A Few Good Men"? You cant erase a flight log, can you? LOL. What happened to EJA967??

sandmc said...

In the air now...scheduled to land at 7:05 PM

BamaBird said...

Good dont keep my man Shannon waiting. Hehehehehe.

Cool Hand Mike said...

And they Bama football is dead?

If all this turns out true, they'll write books about this coup d'├ętat.

lawson koeppel said...

you're either smoking crack or your fucking brilliant. either way, you've made my head hurt. my nipples got hard bouncing between you and memphistider. if you're not right, i will beat you for toying with my emotions.

Chris said...

you people are crazy. just plane (pun intended) crazy... there is no way in hell Bob Stoops goes to freekin Alabama... If anything its an assistant coach getting interviewed... but I am willing to bet it isnt even that.

wow - CRAZY....

BamaBird said...

Hello Miami. Now what?

Crimson Tradtion MCG said...

This could be big for the universtiy. I only hope this is not a bunch of twisting and misread flight plans. To what is really happening. I will check my sources and confirm this but. I have heard that a press conference is schuduled for wednesfay afternoon regarding Bob Stoops. He has stated to his players that he would be in NYC for an extra day.

I believe RR was a decoy and a backup plan incase the Stoops deal fell through. Rich contacted Chuck Neinas earlier today, however Chuck did talk to Rich earlier. If Alabama does not get Rich it is because we didn't want him.

The next couple of days are important. It will be very exicting what could happen.

If anything happens i will chime in and i hope u will all do the same.

You should also keep up with Memphistider.

Michael said...

If we are hiring Bob Stoops why would we be hiding it all? I don't understand. I've asked this on another forum several times and no one replied. Unless someone can offer an explanation, then this theory is complete crap.

Cool Hand Mike said...

He is still under contract. That's my best guess on the secrecy.

ROLLTIDE7 said...

need some new info - why so quiet???? it has been awhile since any new info

Cool Hand Mike said...

Da plane! Da plane!

...is moving. Heading to Palm Beach.


Cool Hand Mike said...

...then Atlanta.

Could be a layover stop.

If you die and go to Heaven or Hell, you have to stop in Atlanta first.