Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Breaking News! Planes from OU, Columbia, and Tuscaloosa will all be in Teterboro very shortly!

Alright here’s the story…

1) N560RM – This plane is en route to Teterboro. It left Norman (OU airport) at 8:22 AM and will arrive in Teterboro 11:16 AM. It is in the air right now!

This plane is very connected with others that have seen action in T-Town. Yesterday, it landed in Las Vegas, just before “Net Jets” plane NJA967 took off from Vegas for Tuscaloosa! Also…N560RM….has had previous flights this week to Teterboro while planes from Tuscaloosa and Columbia were there.

2) NJA967 – The plane that is connected with N560RM through Las Vegas is scheduled to leave Dekalb Peachtree airport in Atlanta at 11:00 AM. It will arrive in Teterboro at 12:19 PM.

3) N32GG – This plane flew from Columbia to Teterboro on Dec. 3 and is still there. This plane has a very interesting history.

Please scroll down the page to view the entire flight path history of planes that have very strong links between Norman-Tuscaloosa-Columbia-Teterboro.

Will Bob Stoops, or anyone else for that matter, be hired soon??? Could the Bob Stoops/Spurrier Jr. theory be correct??? I have no idea…but things are heating up again today!






Cool Hand Mike said...

Keep up the good work, Inspector.

BAMA MAN 7 said...

stay on it - keep us updated every chance you get.

BamaBird said...

John I have been posting on BOL and using your evidence to support my opinion that Stoops is the man. If you have a problem with that I'll stop. Im giving you all the credit of course b/c you've made a believer out of me. Of course your stuff has links to back it up. I just added a bit of iceing.

My post on BOL.......................

I have to give my man credit over on hirebobstoops.blogstop.com. All of that hard work has convinced me. But I thought of a few other things as well.


SOS was a smokecreen for Stoops. Why would he do this and be sooooooo generous with it? He was more than happy to save his close friend from the trouble Stoops is about to face AND set his son up as OC at ALABAMA! The perfect spot to groom Visor II!! You say why do that? His son will never see the money he could one day see at BAMA. Besides if it doesn't work out he can always go back to Columbia.

Saban?? The BOT have been driving this guy nuts. He's taking all of the heat Stoops would have been facing the past 2 weeks. Saban hasnt got a clue about whats going on. LOL!! No wonder he's been so ugly when Bama is mentioned. The funny thing is he probably WISHES BAMA would call. He would love for someone to save him from the worst mistake in his fickle career.

Rodriguez?? He's exactly what he's been the whole time. He's the back up plan. Poor soul.

Of course all of this is only my opinion, but I believe the folks at Tuscaloosa News know, what a loyal bunch. I believe the BOT has been jerking B-Ham and Huntsville around the whole time. Good for them. What have they done for the Tide lately? Damn Aubies have been trying to bury the Tide for the past 5-6 years. Everything they've reported has been wrong, wrong, wrong.

Finebaum?? Im not sure. Does he know? I dunno. I do know this however, today whenever someone even mentioned Stoops he was talking over them. He wouldnt let them bring up his name. He quickly called it spreading rumors.

Crazy? I tell you what..... read the blog over on hirebobstoops.blogstop.com. Its free. Grab a pen and paper track the planes and tell me its ALL just a coincidence.

Dont forget about Nienas. This guys has had his hands on the hiring of coaches and athletic directors at 51 different schools. Besides after that Fran mess he sorta owes us one. MM you are one sly..............

Whew! Its Stoops and Im heading to bed!! See ya. Roll Damn TIDE!!!!


Of course Ive been flamed to no end but really feel the decision makers have played this one beautifully.

Claude said...

John....very impressive research, and it does seem a bit much to be a coincidence. How do you factor this evidence with the fact that all universities have private flights heading to New York for this meeting? Also, the Rodriguez meeting today, which seems to have reliable Cecil Hurt sources, would not be happening if Stoops was a done deal. A smokescreen of false rumors is one thing, but a fraudulent interview with a respected coach is not something Witt/Moore would do.

John Howard said...

Yes, Tuscaloosa News is reporting, along with everyone else, that RR is "expected" to be interviewed. Maybe he is. Maybe they are making sure they do everything right and interviewing him to make sure they are getting the right man.

Maybe they want to interview RR so they can say they did an "exhaustive" search and interviewed multiple candidates.

Who knows?? I do feel very confident that we will have a coach within hours or days...not weeks.

Whether that's Stoops, RR, or somebody else. Well...we'll find out.

BamaBird...keep it up, I don't care. It all makes the coaching search more fun. :)

BamaBird said...

Thanks John. I cant wait for your next update. Most folks are shooting your theory down without going through the entire process. I say all you have to do is use your common sense. There has to be something to 4 different planes landing in the same spots near the same time and winding up at the same place. There is a lot of money being spent here and they arent making these flights for nothing.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You're dreaming. Why would Stoops leave OU for anything but the NFL. Do your homework. I hate to break it to you but Bama isn't a lateral move for Stoops, it's a significant step down.

I feel for you, I really do. If he weren't our coach, I'd want him too, but you'll never get him. We'd double his salary to keep him in Norman. He'll leave for the NFL someday but never for another NCAA school.

Not to mention the fact that Bama would have a tough time topping the $3.45 million that top-of-the-nation coach Stoops makes at OU.