Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Activity with Bryant Jr.

Since Thanksgiving...Bryant Jr's plane has only been to two places. Stuttgart, Arkansas...where I believe he has family...and Austin, TX.

Remember...his plane was in Austin overnight when another plane from Tucson, AZ (home of Mike Stoops) was in Austin. The plane from Tucson then went straight to Norman, OK...Bryant's plane went back to T-Town.

On December 3...Bryant's plane went back to Stuttgart and stayed for 19 minutes. That's basically only enough time to drop someone off.

Today...right now...Bryant's plane is about to land in Stuttgart. It is scheduled to stay for only 20 minutes!

Does that mean Paul Bryant Jr. was in Stuttgart all day yesterday, and now has to return for Tuscaloosa. Maybe he needs to be in T-Town for a potential press conference?

One thing I know for sure...there is a lot of activity today!




BamaBuck said...

Finebaum has stated several times that Bryant Jr. owns a huge duck hunting lodge/reserve in Stuggart, Arkansas.

Thanks for the work! This may be a longshot, but when it looks like a fish and smells like a fish, it's probably a fish.

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BamaBuck said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that Finebaum has also mentioned that Bryant Jr. owns numerous oil wells/refineries in Texas. However, this still doesn't contradict your theories.


John Howard said...

Great blog BamaBuck! Wish mine was as well designed as yours though.

I think in 40 minutes...Finebaum might just have a very interesting show today.

P.S. Thanks for the advertisement too, lol.

cs said...

I know the Bryant family and interviewed with Jr. back in 1986. Yes, the Bryant extended family does own a hunting lodge in Stutgart, AR, which someone is probably hunting ducks as we speak. Jr. has his hand in so many business' that it would blow your mind. He has land, oil, cattle, farms all over the US including Iowa, Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas. I wouldn't base too much on what his plane does. I hope it is all true; I would love to have Stoops just don't put too much stock into Jr's plane.