Monday, December 4, 2006

The Case for Why Bob Stoops could be hired!

Why Bob Stoops?

Well, basically he is THE coach of the decade. His record is now an amazing 86-18, with two of those wins over the Tide. He’s won the Big 12 championship four times and is in only his eighth year at Oklahoma. The four Big 12 championships he has won at OU are the most of any team. He won the 2000 National Championship and received all the “Coach of the Year” awards that year. Basically…he is awesome. OU is lucky to have him, and, no offense Sooner fans, I hope the Crimson Tide will be lucky soon too.

Why would Coach Stoops leave OU?

That’s a great question. He’s basically got it made there, admiration by the fans and a record that solidifies his place in history. However, he’s young. Stoops is only 46 and maybe he wants another challenge. He was the defensive coordinator for the Ol’ Ball Coach at Florida, whose connections we’ll discuss later. Maybe he wants back in the SEC. Maybe he wants to be a legend at two of the legendary programs of the nation. However, this is all just conjecture on my part. Are there any facts that would make him want to leave?

Yes. NCAA trouble, that’s what. As most everyone knows, OU had a rocky start to the season. Players Rhett Bomar and J.D. Quinn were dismissed from the team prior to the start of the 2006 season. Coach Stoops said the players were dismissed for “knowing(ly)” breaking NCAA rules. The NCAA began an investigation, which they hoped would be wrapped up by November 1. The problem arose from Bomar and Quinn receiving “‘extra compensation above that to which they were entitled related to their employment at a private business,’ and a subsequent report to the NCAA identified that business as Norman car dealership Big Red Sports and Imports.” Also, a total of 17 other OU football players worked at the dealership between 2003-2005. Furthermore, during the same time the NCAA accepted self-imposed sanctions by the OU basketball team. The coach, Kelvin Samson, was cited for a deliberate “disregarded NCAA rules." The NCAA has already ruled and given out punishment to Bomar and Quinn, but there seems to be more to this problem than just those two players, and OU may take the hit…a big hit. This smells like really bad news for OU. Bama fans…remember what “repeat offender” means???

The good thing is, Coach Stoops prides himself on running a clean program. He would never tolerate a university that did not take swift and strong action when problems arose, and if the boosters are out of control, he may just leave. - this link details the potential problems for the OU program

Spurrier’s role…

As we all know, most people, including myself, thought that last week Steve Spurrier was going to be named Alabama’s next coach. Well, that looks almost impossible now with his extension offer from South Carolina. However, would the Ol’ Ball Coach help out his good friend, Stoops, get out of a sticky situation in Oklahoma? Would he actually help bring in one of the best coaches in the country to a rival SEC school? The answer is a resounding YES…to help out Jr.!

Assuming Bob Stoops is the man Alabama is going after, and he accepts…well, he’ll need an offensive coordinator. So the story goes Bob served on Spurrier’s staff at Florida, and helped win the National Championship in 1996. Obviously, they formed a friendship, and Spurrier was thankful for Coach Stoops’ help. Now, it’s time to help Stoops out, and get something in return.

Both Bob Stoops and Steve Spurrier Jr. were on the staff at Florida during the 1996 championship year. Once Coach Stoops went to OU, Jr. followed. He served for three years on the OU staff and was part of the 2000 National Championship team. Before coaching at South Carolina with his father, Spurrier Jr. was on Mike Stoops’ staff at Arizona. Obviously the connections between the Spurriers and the Stoops brothers run deep.

So my theory is…Spurrier has been milking the Alabama job, making everyone believe he may take it. Therefore, all the attention was on him. While in reality, he was working behind the scenes to get Alabama what they want (a top-tier, proven winner coach), what Bob Stoops potentially wants (an out from OU with possible problems ahead), and what he wants (an offensive coordinator job for his son, the stepping stone for Spurrier Jr. to get a high profile head coaching job).

The planes tell the story…

Here is where things get really, really interesting folks. What I am about to present is a timeline of FACTS…a timeline of air activity that shows too many connections between Tuscaloosa, Norman, and Columbia. All the times given are EASTERN Standard Time. If this is coincidence…well…

Monday, November 27 2006

At 12:43 AM, flight N137WR arrived in Tucson, AZ from Kansas City, MO (where the Big XII Championship game is played). Tucson is the location of the University of Arizona, the same place where Mike Stoops, Bob’s brother, is the head coach.

At 3:10 PM this plane arrives from Tucson in Austin, TX. Earlier, at 11:12 AM, N323P (Paul “Bear” Bryant, Jr.’s plane) arrived in Austin, TX. BOTH PLANES STAYED OVERNIGHT IN AUSTIN!

Tuesday, November 28 2006

At 5:10 PM, Bryant Jr.’s plane flies back to Tuscaloosa, AL. However, earlier that morning, N137WR left Austin, TX and arrived in NORMAN, OK at 10:31 AM. Isn’t that strange??? A plane goes to Tucson, home of the Univ. of Arizona…from there flies to Austin, TX while Paul Bryant Jr.’s plane is also in Austin…both planes stayed there overnight. Then N137WR flies straight to Norman, home of OU! At 10:54 AM, the plane left Norman and went back to Kansas City, where it originated. So, it stayed only 23 minutes in Norman…but that’s plenty of time to drop off a copy of some paperwork.

At 8:03 AM, a “Secure Air” charter plane, JCM44, left Washington Dulles Int’l and arrives in Tuscaloosa, AL. At 11:48, the plane left Tuscaloosa and arrived at Teterboro, NJ at 1:37 PM. This plane stayed in Teterboro until December 2nd.

At 8:25 AM, flight N46E left Dallas, TX and arrived in Tuscaloosa, AL at 9:39. At 10:06 AM, this plane left Tuscaloosa for Teterboro, NJ and stayed until the next day (then it returned to Tuscaloosa before going back to Dallas). Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that Bob Stoops is on any of these flights. However, could a potential member of the coaching staff live in Dallas…maybe a former Bama QB? Sure he could.

Wednesday, November 29 2006

At 10:41 AM, N200HD left Tuscaloosa, AL and arrived at, you guessed it…Teterboro, NJ at 1:27. This plane stayed in Teterboro until December 2nd.

Hold on to your hats folks…remember N137WR, the plane that met Bryant Jr.’s in Austin, then went to Norman? Well, at 1:01 PM the plane left Kansas City and at 3:25 arrived in TETERBORO, NJ!!!

So, on November 28th and 29th, we have three planes from Tuscaloosa in Teterboro, then N137WR…the same plane that went to Tucson, the same plane that went to Austin and just happened to stay there overnight when Bryant Jr.’s plane did.

At 5:18 PM…N137WR left Teterboro and flew back to Kansas City. It has not left since. Why didn’t it go back to Tucson? Well, maybe someone was on the plane and wanted to watch his brother coach the Big XII Championship game, and tell him what all happened in Teterboro!

Friday, December 1 2006

Remember, there are two planes in Teterboro that left from Tuscaloosa, they didn’t go back to T-Town until December 2nd.

Well guess what…flight N803SC left Columbia, SC at 8:49 AM and arrived in, no doubt about it, Teterboro, NJ. So…you have planes connected with Tuscaloosa, Norman, and Columbia at the same airport in NJ, at the same time.
What’s in Teterboro (really New York City)? I don’t have a clue. Agents? Lawyers? Consultants? Sure adds up to contracts being made if you ask me. However, we’re not done just yet!

Sunday, December 3 2006

At 2:36 PM, N803SC left Teterboro and returned to Columbia.

Now…it is well known that Mal Moore is in New York City (Teterboro) this day for the December 5th NFF Award Ceremony.

Well…at 9:02 AM a plane, N560RM, left Norman, OK (from the OU airport) and arrived in Teterboro, NJ. The plane then stayed for 59 minutes and returned to Norman. That’s just enough time to drop someone off and refuel.

So…that’s a lot of activity, isn’t it?? What if Bob Stoops arrived for the banquet today…what if Bob Stoops met with Mal Moore while the media is chasing after Spurrier, Saban, and Rodriguez…what if Chuck Nienas has done it again. I’ll tell you what…if Bob Stoops is the next coach…the football world will be shocked!


N137WR -
N323P -
JCM44 -
N46E -
N200HD -
N803SC -
N560RM -

Other tidbits…

Does the Tuscaloosa News know what’s going on? I would say they would before any of the rest of the media.

On December 2, David Wasson (Executive Sports Editor of the Tuscaloosa News) took part in a thread on the Tuscaloosa News message board. Does he know something and just can’t tell yet???

When asked…
“David, do you think Bob Stoops would be a good fit for Bama if he (slim chance) was the man?”
David replied with…
I think he would be a GREAT fit at Alabama -- if by the slim chance he was the man.”

When asked…
“Please allow me to push a little further into your brain. What about Stoops, in your own opinion, makes him a great fit for Bama?”
David replied with…
Push away. There is PLENTY of room in there.I think Bob Stoops is one of the premier coaches in the country, and he has always seemed to be a guy looking for the next big thing. He hit the jackpot with his first swing at Oklahoma, but the bloom seems to be slightly off that rose. He is young, energetic, and a damn good coach. He is making good coin at OU, but not as good as he could on the open market. There are some guys (Spurrier) who would not be as driven by that knowledge. I think Stoops IS one of those guys.”

When asked…
“David if and when the story breaks, who do you think in Alabama will break it first?”
David replied with…
“What kind of ESE would I be unless I had complete confidence that my guys will break it first? Coaching searches are a different deal than firing a coach, though, as there are a lot more reporters out there from where the eventual new coach is from who can find out from their end. That said, I continue to feel GREAT about our chances. Seeing some of the wrong information being reported by folks in our state this week only strengthens my thought on that.”

David Wasson seems like someone with some information that will be huge, but he can’t break it yet.

Link -

Finally…if Bob Stoops were not a possibility, why would Vegas have him on the board?? Now…it seems to me the odd-makers don’t rely on rumor. There’s tons of talk in the media and amongst fans that Nick Saban may be the coach…but is Bob Stoops included on the betting board and not Saban??? Do the bookies know something too?

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Michael said...

It makes a lot of sense. I hope we get some more information soon. Another message board says this:

According to a player that is currently on the team. His words to the T. "Mal Moore had a meeting with us and he told us that he had a good fundamentally sound and stable coach that will be a great fit with the current athletes on hand." He also said, "he had to keep it to himself to let the NEW Coach tie up some loose ends." "A contract has been agreed upon by both parties....just not signed yet." This player went on to say that Moore WOULD NOT even give the slightest of hints as to who it is. I know this doesn't clear up anything....just thought I would share what I was told. Lets hope it's a GOOD hire! RTR

Andrew said...

Wow ... good luck finding a coaching that would want to go to a place with fans as nutty as you. The plane thing is sweet, do you know how many planes land at Teterboro everyday? All private planes in NYC metro land there (except for the the few NetJets to go into Westchester). Also do you bother to look at who uses these planes? One of conspiracy planes is mutual find out of KC. I am sure Bob is dying to make a leteral move over to 'bama, his next move is to the NFL.

jtw said...

jet N560RM left norman ok this morning heading to las vegas(KLAS). landed at 11:15 am and jet EJA 967 left same vegas airport at 11:16 headint to none other than tuscaloosa al. due to land at 4:16CST. ???????

Philip said...

the word i'm hearing from a very reliable source is that bob stoops has recommended mike leach for the job.

ada_sooner said...

Maybe Alabama is following the Sooners road to success and hiring a top assistant from a top program (i.e. Brent Venables)...

Bob recently said, " Besides, Barry told me that when he dies, I get to be "The King". Nobody loves or reveres its legendary football coaches more than Oklahoma and Alabama. You have to understand that Bob (and Barry) already have "Bear Bryant " status here. And nobody has more fun than Switzer........

JJ said...

I heard also heard on the radio last night that Stoops has been talking to UA for several months and that he was asking close to 4 Million a year but UA was not not wanting to pay that.

Flanker895 said...

Poor Alabama! They're almost like the French; a fallen power who still strives for relevancy despite it's recent history. D. Franchione and his wife couldn't eat at local T-Town restaurants without security close by. Now we know why; the zealousness of Bama fans borders on absurdity. Unfortunately Mikle Shula probably had the same problems. The redneck paprazzi was following him around AFTER he was fired. Wasn't that nice. Paul "Find a Bomb" surely helped escort Shula out too. I'm sure he's proud.
Look; all of the Bama speculation makes for fun. The only thing anyone knows right now is that the Tide is without a coach and the knew coach is going to have his hands full.
And by the way, the reference to Stoops being on a Vegas betting board means nothing; you can bet on anything in 'Vegas. I'll take Mississippi State to win the SEC next year for $500 ha ha.