Wednesday, December 6, 2006


All Times are EASTERN…All flights happening TODAY!

N560RM (OU)

Norman (11:32) ---- Wichita (12:08)

ASQ146 (Atlantic Southeast Airlines)

Wichita (12:41) ---- Atlanta (2:20)

EJA967 (the “Net Jets” plane)

Miami (11:47) ---- Palm Beach (12:07 to 1:18) ---- Atlanta (2:36)

N85PK (Wachovia) – Since August 10, only time plane has been in Atlanta

Nashville (11:05) ---- Atlanta (11:43 to 2:46) ---- Nashville (3:23)

JCM44 (Secure Air Charter)

Has been sitting in Nashville since December 2. Prior to this it flew from Tuscaloosa to Teterboro on Nov. 28. It stayed in Teterboro…went back to T-Town on December 2. From there it flew to Nashville the same day, and hasn’t moved yet!


Is it possible that Bob Stoops left OU and went to Wichita on N560RM…this plane has been involved all week folks.

Did he then take a flight from Wichita to Atlanta to meet the “Net Jets” plane. Remember…”Net Jets” and N560RM were connected in Vegas!!

Did the passengers on the “Nets Jets” plane arrive and board a plane registered to Wachovia Financial?? Wachovia is a BIG sponser of Alabama football!

Is 16 minutes enough time for Bob Stoops to change planes in Atlanta?!?

Are they about to board JCM44 in Nasvhille and head to T-Town?!?

All of the times overlap. They overlap just enough for people to change planes!

I don’t know…but if JCM44 leaves Nashville soon for B’ham or Tuscaloosa…I’m going to be very excited!!



Cool Hand Mike said...

This is better than a Hitchcock flick.

Andrew said...

Dude this has to be the biggest stretch in the world. How do account for the fact that Stoops was NYC for the Hall of Fame Dinner. After that tell me why in the world he wouldn't get board a plan to T-town, especially if he is going to be named coach?

Michael said...

"Is it possible that Bob Stoops left OU and went to Wichita on N560RM…this plane has been involved all week folks." this is just humorous. I tried to take it seriously fro a while. Bob Stoops was in New York this week. So how could he have gone from Norman to Wichita and to Atlanta and stay for a week. If he actually did that everyone would know something is up and the reporters woudld be all over him. This blog needs to only be taken as a joke. His team is preparing for the Fiesta bowl. He does not want to come to Alabama to coach.

John Howard said...

He didn't stay in Atlanta for a week. Read everything I posted dude. The plane to N560RM went to Teterboro ---- Norman a few days ago...then Norman ---- Teterboro yesterday....then Norman ---- Wichita TODAY!

I never said Bob Stoops wasn't in NYC, of course he was. I never said he was in Atlanta, of course he wasn't.

I've saying he may have left Norman today!

cs said...

Another problem with all of that flight stuff is that Stoops isn't flying around on a airplane owned by OU to go get a job at UA

John Howard said...

However...if he paid them the money to fly him to Wichita and get on a South East Air jet (which "caters to your personal needs")...then they may do it. If he paid the cost of the flight, which only takes like 30 minutes.


They may fly to Wichita, knowing if a plane went from OU to T-town it would too obvious. It may be a courtesy to a coach that won 4 Big XII titles and 1 National Title at their school. Those titles have made OU a lot of money.

cs said...

John I hear you and deep down inside I hope you are right because I'm just not excited about RR. I don't know a great about the guy and I am sure he would do well at Bama but Stoops is BIG TIME.

bama2032 said...

Check out flight N411ET

kyle said...

It has been reported today by the mobile register that a plane with a possible board member flew to miami and interviewed nick saban. I think that might be one of your planes to miami. It saban in miami, and not shannon.
Also, why do you need to pick up possible assistant coaches when hiring a coach. I don't think you intoduce a staff at a press conference, just a coach. There is no doubt that staff would be discussed, but assembly comes later. What do you think?

cs said...

Kyle is right. Nobody takes over a HC position and says "oh by the way, here are my assis" they usually say I will assemble a staff right away. No plane is going to visit and pick up any assis.

CPA318 said...

This is all a lot of fun, but Stoops was just on TV sitting in the crowd watching the Oklahoma - Villinova BB game. I suppose as many stretches have been made already, a body double would be expected at some point.

bama2032 said...

John, do you any new informatio? Did anyone else see Stoops ontv last night at the OU bball game? Im still hoping that we could get Stoops...but as time passes by and no other sources confirming it does seem like it will not happen.

sooner_schooner said...

Dude..are you also wearing a tin foil hat!!! You are the biggest nut job I have ever read. You should have been tracking covered wagons leaving West Virginia all week.

Anonymous said...

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